Edith, or "Edie" as her friends called her, lived with her partner Horris (or as she called him Horrie). They lived next door to the aunt of Joyce Martin. Since they didn't have any money they got evicted.

Attempting to find refuge at the Salvation Army, they are told they can stay if Edith went to the female area and Horris went to the male area (as they weren't married). So Edie and Horris decide to rough it in the park, as long as it means staying together, despite Horrie being seriously ill.

In the morning, Edie finds out that Horris has died and their stuff was stolen. After buying alcohol (with what little money they had) and getting drunk. She decided to go to Salvation Army, while in her drunken state, to tell them what she thinks of them but she ends up chucking a brick through a window (which she gets a warning for). After getting her pension she rents a flat ,which has a sociopath land lady who takes 5 weeks rent in advance. With little money left she goes shopping but is caught shop lifting (which she gets another warning). When Edith returns to her flat her land lady calls her a common criminal and drunk, in which she retaliates by attacking her with an umbrella. She then is sent to Wentworth.

Life in PrisonEdit

In Wentworth, Edie is befriended by Lizzie Birdsworth. The two chat about the old days, and they share some funny moments when Edie is talking to staff, while Lizzie is trying to steal, only to tell Edie "I thought you were distracting them for me".

While both inmates and staff warn Edie that prison can be a dangerous place at times, Edie doesn't seem to mind as she has a roof over her head and a place to sleep.

Officer Jim Fletcher had a soft spot for Edie. This was naturally due to her age, and Jim wanted to do everything he could to make Edie comfortable, including keeping a protective eye on her. When Jean Vernon upset Edie with questions about her future, it was Jim who confronted Jean about the situation. Eventually Edie was told she would be released.


The night before she was due to be paroled, Edie went to bed worried about her future. By morning, Lizzie was saddened to find that Edie had passed away during the night, dying peacefully in her sleep. In a noble gesture, Jim Fletcher claimed Edie's corpse in order to avoid her recieving a "pauper's funeral".