First seen in (394) where he is credited as Det. Insp. Stevens. Visits Sonia Stevens in (397) and again in (398) where he finds out their marriage was a cover for her illegal activities. Visits again in (429) at Sonia's request and refuses to help her, but asks to see Rick Manning and meets him outside work (430). Rick follows him and sees him being paid off by the Fellowes' gang. He rescues Rick from the car crusher and tells him to forget what he saw (431). Possibly makes tip off call about bomb in Rick's car (433). He visits Sonia again at Dr. Weissman's request after she has had a breakdown and seems to want to help her (437). He meets Rick at home to tell him Lionel Fellowes has ordered him to kill Rick. His car is found run off the road and he is assumed to be dead (438), but he has gone underground and contacts Rick (...) to tell him he is trying to nail two corrupt detectives, Mears and Birmingham. He traces Bobbie Mitchell when she and Sonia are on the run in Sydney and gives her a message to pass on to Sonia (445). A meeting is arranged and Sonia watches her kidnapper Kurt Renner shoot Eddie (447), but he survives even this and gets his own back on Sonia by informing Mears and Birmingham of her whereabouts (447).