Eddie was an electrician contracted by The Department to do some electrical work at Wentworth Detention Centre. Originally he was there to do some re-wiring, but he met prisoner Gladys 'Marilyn' Mason, and before long, Marilyn was causing fuses to blow and creating other electrical problems as an excuse to see Eddie more often.

Eventually their meetings turned to romance, and the two would go up to the roof for some uninterrupted time alone. On one such occasion, during the Franky Doyle Riot, Eddie managed to see who stabbed Bill Jackson, and eventually told Bea Smith after her and her gang put pressure on him.

Eddie's meetings with Marilyn don't go unnoticed for long, as Erica Davidson warns Eddie that he will be supervised in future. Marilyn gets parolled, and moves in with Eddie.

Eddie was supportive of Marilyn's decision to find a job, however he also pointed out that she didnt have to work. Eddie becomes suspicious however, when Marilyn buys him an expensive birthday present, and he accuses her of turning back to prostitution. Although it's true, Marilyn denies it and storms out.

Eddie started to miss Marilyn however the next time he saw her, she was once again a prisoner. Although their relationship seems doomed, it's repaired with some help from Bea.

Bea's old friend Monica Ferguson is sent to Wentworth, and it turns out she has a milk bar on the beach front in Brighton, thats closed, and wasting space. Bea convinces Monica to let Eddie and Marilyn run it when Marilyn is released -- At first Eddie thinks the whole thing is a joke, but eventually realises the deal is serious.

When Marilyn is released, she and Eddie leave, never to be seen again, although we later hear that they have bought the Milk Bar from Monica.