Dr Jonathan Edmunds was an evil psychiatrist who performed methods of hypnosis on the inmates for his own personal research. It was established that he had been in a relationship with Governor Ann Reynolds prior to his work in the prison. He chose a total of three inmates for his experiments: Cass Parker, Phyllis Hunt and Pixie Mason. He hypnotized Phyllis into becoming a more pleasant character which he later reversed before he left. He also manipulated Cass Parker into the attempted murder of Bobby Mitchell. Furthermore, he discouraged Pixie's obsession of weddings. During his time in the Prison, he established two relationships, one with his old flame Ann Reynolds and the other with the prison officer Meg Morris. He also performed a hypnosis technique on Meg which unleashed her inner dark side. He conveniently recorded an audio log of his experiments on his tape recorder. This tape recorder was then discovered by Ann when her suspicion had gotten the better of her. She immediately reported him to the police which meant that all of his hypnosis experiments had to be reversed. Jonathan is then seen being escorted by the police out of the prison just before Joyce Barry innocently hands the police his briefcase with all of his other tapes.