Dr. Eric Weissman (28-589), a recurring psychiatrist called into Wentworth by governor Erica Davidson to examine several of the inmates throughout the series. He first appeared to examine a mentally-unstable inmate of the name Susan Rice. He is also reintroduced as a referral in court on behalf of Bea Smith during her state of amnesia. His first name, Eric, was first mentioned in episode 314 by Ted Douglas.

Trivia Edit

  • In episode 203, Dr. Weissman, is referred to by the first name of 'Carl' by a magistrate in court.
  • He appears in, approximately, 27 episodes.
  • Psychiatrist who is frequently called to Wentworth to assess a prisoner's mental state. He does this for Susan Rice (28); Ros Coulson (64); Rosie Hudson (71); Kay White (136)-(140); Doreen (157); Anne Griffin (164); Bea for her amnesia (201) and giving evidence for her at her and Mum’s trial (203); Paddy Lawson (310) whom he treats with hypnotherapy (312)-(313); Laura Gardiner who is also treated and cured by hypnosis in a remarkably short time (380-382); Pixie Mason (382); Cass Parker (423); Sonia Stevens (434); Daphne Graham (555); Willie Beecham (562); Reb Kean (582-584). He is last seen in a cafe with Reb Kean after her release (589). Ted Douglas calls him Eric in (310), though maybe that should be "Erich" or even "Erik".