Dr. Eric Weissman (28-589), a recurring psychiatrist called into Wentworth by governor Erica Davidson to examine several of the inmates throughout the series. He first appeared to examine a mentally-unstable inmate of the name Susan Rice. He is also reintroduced as a referral in court on behalf of Bea Smith during her state of amnesia. His first name, Eric, was first mentioned in episode 314 by Ted Douglas. Played by Bryon Williams.

Trivia Edit

  • In episode 203, Dr. Weissman, is referred to by the first name of 'Carl' by a magistrate in court.
  • He appears in, approximately, 27 episodes.
  • Psychiatrist who is frequently called to Wentworth to assess a prisoner's mental state. He does this for Susan Rice (28); Ros Coulson (64); Rosie Hudson (71); Kay White (136)-(140); Doreen (157); Anne Griffin (164); Bea for her amnesia (201) and giving evidence for her at her and Mum’s trial (203); Paddy Lawson (310) whom he treats with hypnotherapy (312)-(313); Laura Gardiner who is also treated and cured by hypnosis in a remarkably short time (380-382); Pixie Mason (382); Cass Parker (423); Sonia Stevens (434); Daphne Graham (555); Willie Beecham (562); Reb Kean (582-584). He is last seen in a cafe with Reb Kean after her release (589). Ted Douglas calls him Eric in (310), though maybe that should be "Erich" or even "Erik".

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