Diedre Kean  (464–492), is Reb Kean's estranged socialite mother, first seen when she tries to persuade Reb to see her father who is dying of multiple sclerosis. She visits Reb when she is hospitalised after a bashing from Marie Winter to tell her that her father has left all her money to her and she helps her escape, but worried that she might die without medical treatment she informs the police of her whereabouts and ends up in Wentworth with Reb. Whilst she is in Wentworth she is tortured by Frances, Alice and Lou but Reb refuses to help her and even joins in by salting her food and pushing her face into it. Myra eventually manages to persuade Reb to take notice of her mother after she is severely beaten by some of the women. Reb and Diedre reconcile just before someone mysteriously posts her bail and she is released. When Lou Kelly escapes, she seeks refuge with Diedre and holds her hostage in her house and later visits Reb to tell her what happened.

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