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Dennis Cruickshank is an officer in Wentworth Detention Centre serving from ep 457-560. Dennis is partly responsible for the death of Bobbie Mitchell's unborn baby because he threw her to the side (459). Bobbie stabs him in the shoulder. He starts dating Heather Rodgers another prison officer who starts not long after Dennis. He breaks the strike by going into work and gets suspended because of it.When he has to return to England their relationship breaks apart. Heather is fired and Dennis has no idea where she is. When he returns he finds out that Heather has gone because of Joan Ferguson. He catches Bobbie Mitchell being sick on dope but decides not to tell the Parole Board. He stops Frank Burke from escaping twice. He escorts Frank from solitary to the transfer van after the wedding. He gets arrested for Rape and Murder of young girls and is seen getting put in the lock up but Meg pays his bail he does get off after Inspector Jack Grace finds out who the real murderer is. He starts dating Meg Morris and the two of them move in together and even got engaged . He thought that the orders for the siege from the cops were ridiculous.  He hears that Frank has escaped and he has a hit list with his name on it .Frank gets to Joyce's Apartment and then Frank finds out where Dennis lives and shoots him in the legs incapacitating him. He then is a wheelchair and thinks he will never walk again. He leaves meg so she can keep doing her job.

He is played by Nigel Bradshaw

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