Debbie Smith was Bea's daughter who dies about two years before episode 1 on Prisoner. Seen in mist-edged flashback as Bea visits her grave in (2). (obviously from several years before her demise as she looks like a teenager about 13-14) She must have been 20 when she died as the gravestone reads "Deborah Smith 1957-1977 Daughter of Beatrice". Debbie's death from a drugs overdose makes Bea implacably opposed to drugs. The flashback in (2) is used again in two later episodes.Her full name is Deborah Smith. Deborah is also occasionally mentioned by prison guards such as Joan Ferguson and Vera Bennett to taunt and harass Bea into reacting.

She is played by Cassandra Lehman and she is the real-life daughter of Val Lehman who plays Bea Smith.