Prisoner Cell Bloc H - Episode 326 - The Fire (without the Halfway House scenes) (1)
Debbie Pearce
is the troubled daughter of Ken PearceShe appears briefly meeting Ken oustide Wentworth (108) which makes Bea Smith think he has a young mistress. Ken is concerned she is getting into bad company (she seems at one point to be either gambling or involved in prostitution). Bea agrees to look after her during a 24h experimental stay in prison (111). At first she finds her stay inside the prison hilarious and exciting but at the end of her stay Bea Smith has made her realize that a life of crime and incarceration is not what she wants.

She is seen again in ep 190 when she visits Bea Smith at the prison with her father Ken Pearce. Later she makes another visit to Bea asking her to help get her parents back together. 

She was played by Dina Mann, who would appear again in 1983 as Samantha Russell.