Prefigured as Joan Ferguson's contact in Blackmoore, who she phones to get her to put pressure on Marie Winter to implicate Heather Rodgers in her escape. At this stage she is referred to as Cynthia Drewin (481). The change of surname can hardly have been as a result of marriage, as (regardless of her presumed sexuality) her physical appearance is apparently so horrendous that viewers are never permitted a glimpse of her face. She is first credited in (555), when she is still a disembodied voice at the end of a phone agreeing to use information passed on by Joan to provoke the women at Blackmoor into bashing Ruth Ballinger. She calls in the favour (or two, if you include arranging the helicopter for Marie Winter) when Reb Kean is to be transferred back to Wentworth, urging Joan to find out how much Reb remembers about her mistreatment at Blackmoor (576), and then demanding that Joan fake Reb's suicide (579). She calls Joan for a face-to-face (but back-to-camera) meeting to tell her how displeased she is (584). The mystery about her appearance is perhaps explained by the fact that the actress playing her was OK as a disembodied voice over the phone, but may have looked unconvincing later when she had to appear in person, as she previously played the impeccably upper crust Irene Henderson: or perhaps this is merely a little in-joke on the part of the casting directors. She is mentioned in dialogue when Rita is transferred to Blackmoor as being on long term leave.

She is played by Beverley Dunn