Clara is first introduced to Jean Vernon by Steve Wilson. Clara absolutely loves to help out charity, but has decided to help the prisoners directly buy investing in a halfway house, rather than donate money to an organisation to direct funds how they see fit. Jean says the money should be given to an established charity, but Clara asks Jean not to rob her of her pleasures.

Life in PrisonEdit

Unfortunately, it comes out later that Clara has been embezzeling money from her own firm in order to fund her charitable projects. Initially lying about the amount of money, it's eventually revealed to be over a quarter of a million dollars. Clara is sent to Wentworth.

During this time, Bea Smith had escaped from Wentworth, and in her absence, Clara managed to impress the other prisoners with her generosity, and her cooking classes. She eventually became something of a top dog because of this.

Eventually Bea returns and is jealous at the way Clara has managed to take over power.

Clara is eventually transferred to a dedicated remand section at Fairlea Prison, after Visiting Justice Mr Goodwin investigates the running of the prison.