Prisoner- Cell Block H - Episode 649

Cell Block C is one of the 5 blocks which are seen including H Block, A Block, B Block, C Block and D Block. Occasionally referred to but is actually never seen in the show. We only see the security-gates leading to Cell Block C.

  • Ep 92 Paul Reid mentions two inmates from C Block, Jean Hallam and Margaret Wendom, who are also being transferred with Ros Coulson to a quiter block for studies.
  • Ep 537 Fay Osicka and Nancy Groob are placed here after arriving at Wentworth from Barnhurst.
  • Ep 649 Kath Maxwell and Vicki buy a radio from Spider Simpson thru the gates that separate H Block and C Block. Later in the same episode Kath returns to make a deal with another woman in C Block.