• Bea Smith
  • Franky Doyle
  • Monica Ferguson
  • Clara Goddard
  • Antonia Mcnally
  • Sharon Gilmour
  • Chrissie Latham
  • Judy Bryant
  • Margo Gaffney
  • Sandy Edwards
  • Marie Winter
  • Nola Mckenzie
  • Sonia Stevens
  • Minnie Donovan
  • Cass Parker
  • Myra Desmond
  • Reb Kean
  • Nora Flynn
  • Lou Kelly
  • Rita Connors
  • Alice Jenkins
  • Kath Maxwell
  • Jacs Holt
  • Franky Doyle Wentworth
  • Bea Smith Wentworth
  • Kaz Proctor

Top DogsEdit

Top Dog is a term of a inmate who is the boss of the other Inmates, the top dogs would usually press sheets, the longest running top dogs were Bea Smith , Myra Desmond and Rita Connors. Here is a list of the top dogs in wentworth. This page also includes Top dog teams such as Chrissie Latham and Sharon Gilmour or Minnie Donovan and Cass Parker. 

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