Frankie Doyle Riot

Upon Bea's return to Wentworth Franky fears she will lose control, at the Kitchen after the meal Franky and her followers stay behind, while Bea and her supporters leave, after capturing Meg, Bill convinces Erica Davidson to unlock the gate (with a bit of help from Vera if I remember) and a gaint punch up begins, it is short lived as shortly after Bea takes down Franky, Lyn screams and Bill is seen stabbed, he dies on the way to the hospitail.

Jock Stuart Riot

After the cover up of the death of Sharon Gilmore, the inmates cause a riot in order to bring attention to the media, they go on the roof  and hold out a gaint sign, this riot however is short lived as Leanne Burke falls off and dies, causing the woman to end it.

Sandy Edwards Riot

With Judy and Doreen transferd, and Marrie Winter on the scene Sandy finaly snaps and starts a riot (with a bit of pushing from Marrie ofcourse) and all hell breaks loose, Steve and Jannet are trapped in Wentworth, the women learn of Jannet's time inside 12 years ago and use it agasint her, Steve is stripped and locked in a cell (guess the woman had some ideas for later lol) Bea is watching this on the news in the hospital and demands to call Wentworth to try and end it, but the doctors or the pollice (I forget which) tell her no, Erica and the rest of the officers who are on duty at the time are in the congical visiting shed, the woman get Margo out of soilitry (who has manged to have a hair cut in those 6 months despite being in soiltry lol) and write a list of demands, these demands however dont get lisstend to as Jim manges to get in through the roof, and Ted deneys these, Sandy is taken to solitray and Marrie takes over.

Great Fire of Wentworth

With Bea being told she has to wait 6 months before she can be parroled she snaps, not wanting to deal another 6 months with The Freak she haas Chrissie start a fire in the libarry, and have Barbra tell Joan that her darries are in Isolatoin, in which Bea plans to catch her and bash her, this however fails when Margo starts ANOTHER fire in the Storeroom which gets out of controll, short circting the riot alarm and locking all the gates! Joan wakes up just as the gates close between her and Bea, after a short stuggle Bea manges to grab her keys and luaghs, saying that she is going to die, and so is Joan, meanwhile everyone else is outside, expect Paddy, Barbra and Mouse, Paddy climbs through the air conditoing vents while Mouse remembers Sussie Driscoll and goes another way, before oppening the Storeoom cubboard and getting hit by the flames, she is last seen running down the hall screaming. Barbra sneaks into Erica's office and trys to get Joans diarys back before they burn, however she inahles to much smoke and collapses, its unsure if it was smoke inhatloin that killed her or if it merely knocked her unconcis and she burned to death. Paddy see's Bea unconcis and trys to save her, Joan begs her to open the gates to which Paddy says "only if you help Bea" and she does, the get to the roof top exit and eventualy open it, she and Bea make it out, but Joan falls down, the Fire Men get to Joan in time, and the three of them are taken to this hospital. Paddy is given her realse, and the rest of the women are transferd to Woodridge.