Cass Parker was a prisoner of Wentworth Detention Centre , appearing from Episodes 401 - 460 and on Opening Mugshots until 462.

Jailed for Manslaughter, and transferred to Wentworth from Barnhurst after killing an officer there (401). Full name Cassandra. upon arrival to Wentworth, the officers and the women are surprised that Cass was capable of murder. Cass quickly befriends Lizzie, Pixie and Jude. although Cass is kind and timid to the other women, she flies into a rage when she is ridiculed, mocked or teased. When Phyllis relentlessly teases Cass, she violently punches her in the face. However, Cass quickly calms down and shows legitimate concern for Phyllis.

Later on, Cass murders David Bridges with an axe (417). Subsequently, she was sent to a mental hospital (460), and she still appeared in opening mugshots until (462) to keep open the question of whether she could return after her transfer from Ingleside.

Babs McMillian also played Miss Vaughan: A Divorce counsellor brought in to advise Doreen over the breakup of her marriage to Kevin (174). The character does not appear in the credits, but the actress is unmistakeable...