Caroline first appeared with her mother Vivienne at the Sally Lee Halfway House. She was supporting her mother, who was trying to escape from her husbands abuse. Unfortunately Caroline and Vivienne had to be turned away, as the Sally Lee House was for ex-prisoners specifically. However, Rhonda West , the lady who had taken over running the halfway house did refer them to a nearby womens refuge that would be more suited.

Eventually Caroline is a witness to her father's temper boiling over as he threatens her mother with a shotgun. Caroline stabs him in the back in self defence. Deciding to lie about it, Caroline is eventually exposed when Vivienne cracks under pressure, and she too is sent to Wentworth for lying about what happened.


Inside Wentworth, Jim Fletcher takes a subtle interest in the welfare of Caroline and her mother, although Caroline gets the wrong idea when Jim offers to pay bail. Caroline refuses, however she gets another offer of bail from her possesive ex husband, Michael Simpson, although it comes with a few catches that Caroline is not interested in.

When Vivienne's health worsens, Caroline finally accepts Jim's offer of bail, eventually becoming romantically involved with him. This annoys her ex Michael, who plots with Geoff Butler to do something about it, as it's thanks to Jim, Geoff has charges against him. The two eventually plot to kill Jim, but tragically his family are blown up by the bomb meant for him.

Jim initially blames his involvement with Caroline over the death of his wife and kids, however after Caroline's trial (114), the two speak for one last time and agree they have both been through too much recently to carry on their relationship.