A young woman imprisoned for shooting her husband Doug to death who was responsible for kidnapping prison officer Colleen Powell's daughter Jennifer Powell along with his friend Mel. While Jenny was held captive, Carol made sure was well protected. While trying to contact her parents at their hideout to let them know she was alright, Doug catches her and beats her unconscious. After he rapes Jenny, Carol awakens and scratches Doug. In episode 279, Doug, Mel, and Carol flee from their hideout to stay at a hotel while the police were on to them taking Jenny with them. That night, Carol was fed up with Doug's actions and kills him, later telling Mel to take Jenny and dump her in the middle of nowhere for her protection. Jenny makes her way to the police station and is reunited with her parents. Carol is then sent to Wenthworth for killing her husband. Despite saving her daughter, Powell finds her to be just as guilty as her husband by not acting against him sooner. Carol is mistreated by Powell who forces her to do massive chores while she is on remand. Powell goes as far as sabotaging Carol's work efforts on two occasions to turn the women against her; costing them their buy up privileges. This happens temporarily, but prisoner Margo Gaffney has always been convinced that Powell was behind sabotaging Carol and took every chance defending her. Soon, Carol convinces the other women to put the pieces together and they soon start to believe her. Bea Smith confronts Powell who denies everything and threatens to put a charge on her. Carol receives a letter from Jenny who thanks her for helping her out which angers Powell who takes it from her and burns it to keep her from using at her upcoming trial. At the trial, Lewis pleaded guilty and Jenny testifies at her trial and tells the truth about her helping her and Doug abusing Carol. Carol gets lightened sentenced to three years which upsets Powell. For her own protection against her, Carol is transferred over to Barnhurst along with Margo Gaffney due to her gambling activities.