Camilla Wells was a radio Talk show hostess jailed in Wentworth for not paying a parking fine. She antagonizes the women by telling them they were in prison and shouldn't expect any better treatment, but she later makes up for it when she tricks the officers into letting her phone her own talk show to tell the world Mo Maguire's story (429-432). She also helps Mo by giving her a job and a place to live. Camilla is mentioned after her release whenever an inmate needs to leak news out of Wentworth: Judy Bryant tries to phone her in (453) about Hannah Geldschmidt's case; Joan Ferguson's appointment as Deputy Governor is blocked by Camilla writing about her in a newspaper column she seems to have mysteriously acquired especially for this purpose (456); and Leigh Templar's plans to pre-empt Roland Van Dyke by giving her own version of her story to Camilla (466).

Camila bears a striking resemblance to Kate Peterson.