Brian Lowe is the boyfriend of Phyllis Hunt. When she is brutally attacked by Reb Kean and left brain damaged he begins a terror campaign against Ann Reynolds who is the one he holds responsible for his girlfriends being in a home for the mentally disabled.

He sends a number of cut and paste letter to Ann Reynolds both at home and at the prison. While trying to get to Ann at home he attacks a policeman leaving, who later dies in hospital.

Lou Kelly finds out about the cut and paste letter and hatches a plan with Reb to get 50,000 dollars out of Governor. Lou uses her boyfriend on the outside to orchestrate the blackmail but he is caught and charged with the police officers murder.

A short while later a letter arrives at the prison for Ann which is accompanied by dead rat, stating the wrong man was being held for the murder. Ann is put under police protection at Meg Morris' house with an armed female officer inside and an unmarked car stationed outside. Brian watches the house and heads to the police car shooting both officers dead. Before knocking on the door to Meg's place, where he barges in and kills the female officer. 

He then kidnaps Ann and Meg holding them hostage in a disused factory, telling them the place is full of trip wire and explosives. He makes demands to the Department for money in exchange for their safe return. He regularly leaves Ann and Meg in the factory bound and gagged. On one such occasion he leaves the factory to go check on his mum to find her being interrogated by Philip Cleary whom he shoots dead. 

In a dramatic end to the story-line Lowe tells Ann and Meg he will not be returning anymore. Leaving them tormented after refusing them any water to drink. He heads off to arrange his payment from the department and is told by the police they have his mother. Meanwhile Ann manages to get hold of a glass bottle and breaks it, using the broken glass she begins to cut rope binding Meg's wrist. She slips and cuts her wrist but Meg tells her to carry on.

Finally free and with Meg bleeding heavily they begin their escape just as a furious Lowe storms back into the factory muttering to himself about the police having his mother. He storms up the stairs, however the stairs give way under him and he makes a grab for the hand rail. Unable to hold on he falls to his death.

The abandoned factory was the Box Hill Brickworks which is now heritage preservation site.