Brenda #1

Brenda Latham is the sister-in law of Chrissie Latham, married to Chrissie's brother Derek. At first she is very unwilling to have Chrissie and Elizabeth come to live in their house, especially after having to put up with Derek and Chrissie's drunken father for years. After Derek explains that he feels he let Chrissie down when he failed to support her allegations of sexual abuse against her father, she changes her mind and Chrissie and Elizabeth go to live with them (197).

She was played by actress Joan Millar.

Next we see Brenda arguing with Chrissie at home. Chrissie tells her that she and Elizabeth are leaving for a life in the country. Brenda has no children of her own and doesn't want Elizabeth to leave. Brenda informs the department of social security that Chrissie has a part-time job thus committing fraud. Brenda has become keener to get custody of Elizabeth and accepts the help of both Joan Ferguson and Duncan Campbell to achieve this in the end (285)-(298). 

She was played by actress Jan Friedl.

She also appeared in episode 4 as an officer.