Her real name is Laura Gardiner but is seen most of the time as Brandy Carter. She is sufferer from multiple personality syndrome. First seen as a timid librarian being harassed at work by a collection agent (373). When Brandy Carter, a foul mouthed prostitute, is brought to Wentworth on a soliciting charge, Meg Morris thinks she has seen her somewhere before. Brandy confuses both the women and the officers by changing back into Laura. When Meg remembers where she has seen her before and challenges her, she changes from Laura to Brandy. In her Brandy persona, she fuses one of the dryers to get a maintenance man to come to Wentworth to mend it, and offers him sexual services in return for money and booze (377). Laura attempts suicide in (379) and when she returns from hospital it is in another persona, Susan, a confident middle class woman (380). Meg gets Laura's father to come and visit her in Wentworth, but she changes to Brandy and attacks him (382). Under hypnosis, Laura banishes Brandy and Dr. Weissman recommends she is transferred to a sanatorium. This plot line is frankly stolen from "The Three Faces of Eve" and in the short time available is only capable of a superficial exploitation. Although the actress has some fun with her contrasting characters, she is unable to make the sudden breakthrough in one hypnotherapy session remotely convincing.

Laura/Brandy was played by Roslyn Gentle