Rita's brother and member of the Conquerors bikie gang, first seen in bed with Roach at Ettie's home for wayward girls, and showing Ann his all in an attempt to embarrass her (595). Dan attempts to reform him by taking him on a camping trip with Ann and Roach, and they end up arguing (602). He sends coke in to Rita on a radio operated car (613) and organises an escape for Rita against her wishes, ending in him running Dan over (616-617). While on the run from the police as a result, he is helped by Roach and Ida (621) but arrested in (622). Rita sees him again when she is transferred to Blackmoor (665), a hopeless junkie under the control of Roo Morgan. He is used by Governor Ernest Craven against Rita during the riot, and chained to a grating in the yard. After Rita is tricked into releasing the officer she is holding hostage, Bongo is shot by a marksman on Craven's orders (667).