Bev Cavelli in episode 29

Bev Cavelli was a character in Prisoner, first named around #093 and disappearing some time after #320.

Hired GoonEdit

Bev was more or less a background character, only having literally two lines in #161. Along with Lil Stokes, she was usually the muscle for another more prominent prisoner, most notably for Margo Gaffney, and Marie Winter, and had no problems getting involved in bashings and other violent activities

Bev was not seen after #288 so nobody knows whether she was released or whether she was transferred to another prison. Bev also spoke in episode 256 in the scene of bashing Doreen with Shirley by saying "See ya Dor". Also Lizzie pushes by in the laundry and she says "Ay watch the cig!".


  • Bev's lack of talking was due to being one of the many extras on the show.
  • Bev is willing to bash somebody up on orders, suggesting that her crime which is never mentioned was enough to warrant a heavy sentence.
  • Bev did have two lines in #161 -

Bev was played by Kaye Chadwick