First seen cold-bloodily describing the gruesome ways she killed random people on the outside. She had done bets on killing or hurting people,or selected people to target at random. She almost strangled Marlene Warren, claiming it was just a bit of fun, burnt Judy Bryant with a soldering iron, locked Dot Farrar in the kitchen cool room and also burnt her own hand in the laundry press just 'to see what it felt like'. She ran a raffle and said the person who came second would win a consolation prize.This was Bobbie Mitchell, which resulted in Bev reopening the cuts on Bobbie's hand,which she had got from the barbed wire,with a razor blade. She then decided to kill the next person who came in the laundry, which was not actually a prisoner, it was one of the social workers that worked at the prison at the time. After the women prevented her killing that social worker, she ended up killing a male social worker named Rob Summerton with a knitting needle shortly afterwards. When cornered, she committed suicide by injecting air into her veins.