Bella's arrival in prison was something of an event. Prisoners were locked in their cell well past the usual they were usually let out. Televisions, radios, any information from the outside world was strictly controlled, which naturally sparked interest amongst the prisoners, especially Bea Smith, who suspected either a drug pusher or a child basher.

Bella eventually gets released from solitary when she starts shouting "LET ME OUT!" repeatedly. The prisoners start shouting "LET HER OUT" as well, forcing action. Some extreme measures are taken to ensure information of Bella's crime - murdering her little girl - are kept under wraps, including Karen Travers being issued a warning by Erica Davidson to not pass on any information she has heard on the outside and that if any information does get leaked, Karen will be the obvious culprit.

Bella's crime eventually does get found out when Bea tricks visiting phychologist Peter Clements into revealing the crime - Bella killed her child to save a relationship with the man she wanted to marry, and mutilated the childs body attempting to shift suspicion from herself.

Eventually, Bella's only friend (and protection is Martha Eaves, however this doesn't last long, when Martha overhears Bella referring to her as stupid. Martha attacks Bella in the shower block and drowns her pushing her face into the sink.

Bea and Monica Ferguson are originally blamed for the death, but Martha eventully confesses to the murder.