Brought to Wentworth with Rita Connors, charged with an offence that perplexes Joan Ferguson and Meg Jackson (586). We never find out what this is, and hardly anything else about Barbie, since she seems to have only two lines ("Hi de hi!" and "Naughty, naughty!") interspersed with girlish giggling. She is the "dumb blonde" character carried to its logical extreme, which ought to be intensely irritating, but in fact has considerable charm. On her release with Jessie Wyndham in (601) she whispers her crime to Jessie, but we never hear. Did even the scriptwriters know why Barbie was in prison? She returns in (602) to lob tennis balls filled with whisky over the fence to the women, and even here looks as if she is attempting to pose for the Pirelli calendar.