Arna Johannsen was the daughter of a Swedish furniture manufacturer, who visits Australia to negotiate an import deal with Meg Morris husband Bob Morris. Nick Clarke tells Meg Morris about Arna's charms to try to drive Meg and Bob apart, but Bob reassures Meg that Arnas and his relationship is strictly business though he admits that Arna is a very attractive lady. Meg agrees to join Bob for lunch with Arna, she turns out to be a great enthusiast for prison reform, and is taken round Wentworth on a visit where her liberal ideas impress the women. She also flirted shortly with Jim Fletcher who at first did not intend to show the visitor around the prison ground, but upon seeing Arna he had a change of hearts and seemed genuinely interested in her. The two flirt with each other shortly again at the reception were she says her goodbyes to everyone and then are driven to the airport by Meg.

However Arnas short visit to the prison proved to have a ripple effect throughout several episodes with the women getting inspired by Arnas story of Swedish prisons to form a Prisoners Need Committe. Arna is last mentioned by Meg and Bob (209) when they both recieve postcards from Arna apparently from Hong Kong. Though Fletcher responds like he is hiding some information when Meg asks what Arna wrote to him in the postcard.


Arna was one of few foreign characters to ever appear in the Prisoner series. Because of the series popularity in Sweden the Arna character later became a joke by Swedish viewers. Because of the characters caricature "Swedish ways" and the name Arna not being a real name used in Sweden (closest being the male name of Arne). The characters accent was also ridiculed at the time of the first airing of the show in Sweden, not sounding Swedish at all. She is even regarded by Prisoner fans outside of Sweden as one of the most absurd and strange characters of the entire series. Edit