Prisoner at Woodridge. He assists Paddy Lawson with stage management duties during the joint charity concert (318). They have mutual attraction between them and are sneaking away kissing pretty soon. During one of these sessions Neil Murray tries to kill Chrissie Latham (yet again) and they come to her rescue. When the women are transferred to Woodridge after the fire, Chrissie Latham passes on the information that Paddy is in hospital. Paddy visits him after her release but does not tell him about his father's stroke. He gets bashed by other prisoners and is sent to hospital. He escapes from hospital and goes to Driscoll House looking for Paddy. Just when Judy Bryant had convinced Andy to turn himself in the police arrive, Tony Berman had called them. He and Paddy make a run for it but are captured and sent back to Woodridge. Andy is transferred to a prison farm the next day for his own safety.