Andrea Hennessy is a social justice warrior-type character originally seen leading a demonstration for prisoners' rights outside Wentworth, but a scuffle with Colleen Powell leads to her imprisonment inside. She is put to share a cell with Judy Bryant, but manages to antagonize most of the other inmates. Andrea's friends try to free her but Bea Smith notices them and the fact that they are armed and warns the other women to lie flat on the ground. This alerts the officers, so the escape attempt is prevented and leads to a major falling out between Bea and Judy. Judy thought that Bea's warning was tantamount to lagging and the real reason behind it was not concern for the other women's safety but because Bea disliked Andrea. Andrea's university friends Linda Goldmen and Ricky Lee then kidnapped Erica Davidson, holding her hostage to obtain Andrea's release. Bea and Judy worked out their differences and decided to hold Andrea hostage so that Erica would be freed. Eventually the police rescued Erica from her captors. Ricky Lee was killed and Linda wound up in Wentworth where she quarreled with Andrea. Linda then committed suicide rather than face a long stretch in prison. A slightly wiser Andrea was transferred to E Block for her own safety to serve the remaining weeks of her sentence after she is beaten up by Sandy Edwards