Alison Marie Page was a prisoner who was sentenced to three months for theft. She doesn't think that she belongs in Wentworth and sees herself different from the other women. She has problems adjusting to life in Wentworth and misses her husband Don and kids Chris and Susan. She is also terrorized by what she sees as threats from the other women, and after a particularly mild "heavying" from Doreen Anderson, she tries to kill herself by sticking a metal coat-hanger into a wall socket, but is saved by Bea Smith. She then gets a quiet job in reception, though only because Bea sees the advantage of having someone under her control with access to the prisoners' files. Her husband has an accident and is hospitalized for a while. Meg Morris helps the family by having Myra Desmond from the PRG to go and look after the children. Alison meets her during a 'day-release' and realizes how foolish she has been. When returning to Wentworth she apologizes to the women and all is well. The women even help her when Alison gets in trouble with Colleen Powell by going on a strike.