Alice "Lurch" Jenkins is an inmate in Wentworth Detention Center serving from ep 419-692.

Life In WentworthEdit

When Judy was top dog she helped surround Joyce Barry with Phyllis Hunt and Bobbie Mitchell (420). She and Frances Harvey bash Bobbie Mitchell (448).

She and Lou bash Pixie because they think she lagged.She and Lou decide to team up with Frank Burke. She helps Lou set up the Electric door so Myra Desmond can get killed but Ettie tells Sam Greenway and Sam get killed. After Sam dies Janice Grant lags on Alice about who killed Sam even though Lou is the one responsible.

Alice switches sides briefly because of this until she realises that it wouldn't make any difference if Lou told the cops the truth. So Alice and Kath Deakin team up with Lou again. She is sentenced to 10 years for Sam's murder. She is put on the council with 11 votes.

She takes part in the Lou Kelly's Riot (600-601). Her and Lou are sentenced to a fake hanging. Alice cleans up the trail of cleaning liquid and takes the blame for Julie. Julie tells Rita all of this and Alice is taken off Coventry and put on trial, by this time she had surrendered all ties with Lou.

Janet Williams and Lou set up Rita Connors and Alice with a fake murder attempt. Lou escapes and kills Sean Jenkins (Alice's Brother) and Flora Jenkins (Alice's Mother).

Alice and Rita pay Kath Maxwell a lesson for lagging by spraying her with the fire extinguisher. When Rita and Roach go on top of the laundry truck Alice is voted in as top dog but Rita and Roach come in the rec room 10 mins later. She helps deliver lexies baby.

She plays Volleyball but ends up being on the screws team because of the amount of players. She takes part in the work release program. She and Spider Simpson team up to topple Kath by stealing gifts from the shop and giving the women the gifts but Kath takes advantages of this and says she gave them the gifts.

She is put forward as top dog by Rita and at first treated as a joke but she does last a reasonable length and only loses because no one believes her about the boozes.

She meets Harry Grosvenor and falls in love with him. This relationship hits a rock when Vicki McPherson tells Alice what he's in for, but they get through it. She is offered the chance to go to Barnhurst with Harry but turns it down because of Rita's condition. She gives Rita something she really wanted which was to ride a Harley Davidson.

She is played by Lois Collinder