A prim Englishwoman sent to help Wally Wallace run Driscoll House after Judy Bryant 's imprisonment for the mercy killing of Hazel Kent . Initially, she was shown to be severely strict, introducing harsh rules and curfews that caused the residents to practically rebel against, leaving Wally on the verge of walking out. In the end, Alice eased down her attitude after Wally caught her slapping a resident who became upset when Alice failed to sympathize with her about her abusive husband. Alice later reveals that she used a tough attitude as means to cope with being an abused wife herself. Her last appearance was in episode 407 when she heroically put up a fight against another resident's husband after he ambushed the halfway house with a gun, resulting in her being wounded. She is actually only grazed by the bullet and recovers quickly and returns to work. She is not seen again after this but is referred to in episode 429 when Wally reveals that Alice had a breakdown and he needed another assistant for the halfway house, leading to the reintroduction of Myra Desmond to the series.

Julia Blake also played Nancy McCormick and Evelyn Randall.