Agnes was appointed by The Department of Corrections to replace Paul Reid as the new social worker at Wentworth Detention Centre. On her first day, she makes a bad impression on Erica Davidson, by parking in her spot, and loading her down with things to carry in for her office. Erica overlooks this incident, putting it down to a first day misunderstanding.

It quickly becomes apparent that Agnes will be of no use -- the first prisoner she sees is Kay White, who comes to Agnes for some help with her problems. Agnes treats it as though it's just a friendly chat over a cup of tea. Besides this, Agnes frequently left early, and had no interest in reading prisoners files or doing anything to help them. Her cat Butchie who she regularly brought with her to work, seemed to be of more importance.

Most of the staff, and prisoners pushed for Agnes to be replaced, especially Doreen Anderson who was going through marital difficulty. Agnes protested about Doreen considering an abortion, instead of handling it like a social worker. Agnes also let it slip to Doreen's then husband Kevin Burns that she was planning abortion, when Kevin didn't even know she was pregnant!

Jim Fletcher, despite seeing Agnes' many flaws, seemed to be the only one on her side, partly because he had a soft spot for old ladies, and partly because Agnes was only months away from retirement.

In the end it's Agnes who decides to leave the prison, claiming she was sick of being told to do silly things like signing in and out. After she leaves, everyone is relieved.

Notes / GoofsEdit

  • When Erica is told about Agnes in Episode 134, she claims to know Agnes, having met as they are both employees of The Department, however in Episode 135, Erica asks Agnes who she is.
  • Actress Lois Ramsay would return to Prisoner in the 1985 season, this time playing the inmate Ettie Parslow,