A number of actors played multiple roles within Prisoner (Cell Block H).

  • Lois Ramsey played two characters, Agnes Foster and Ettie Parslow.
  • Ian Smith - amongst various writing and production credits - played at least two characters, Ted Douglas and Pixie's priest father.
  • Kirsty Child played Officer Anne Yates as well as Fay Quinn's sister and later, Willie Beecham.
  • Babs McMillan made her first appearance in Prisoner as divorce counsellor Miss Vaughan before playing Cass Parker.
  • Julieanne Newbould made two appearances: Hannah Simpson and Wendy Glover.
  • Margot Knight also made multiple appearances: her first playing Sharon Gilmour then much later as Officer Terri Malone.
  • Ray Meagher played three antagonists: first portraying Geoff Butler, then Kurt Renner during Stevens' escape and finally as Blackmoor Governor Ernest Craven.
  • Gerda Nicolson first portrayed Mrs Roberts, an officer at Barnhurst when Bea was sent there, before later going on to play Governor Ann Reynolds.
  • Julie Blake played three characters over the run of Prisoner: herbalist Evelyn Randel, Alice Dodds and housewife Nancy McCormack.
  • Anne Charleston first portrayed Mum's daughter Lorraine Watkins before portraying Reb Kean's mother, Diedre Kean as well as two unnamed police women in other episodes.
  • Anne Phelan is known for playing Myra Desmond in later episodes but first portrayed Officer Manson and Bernadette in the beginning of Prisoner.

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