Vera learns that Franky and Bridget are in a relationship and decides to have Bridget sacked.

Franky and Bridget agree to distance their relationship, as it is a potential violation of Franky's parole conditions.

Vera abandons her plans when she realises that she needs Bridget's help to deal with Ferguson, who is plotting to be released into the general prison population. Ferguson, however, is one step ahead of them.

The mysterious character who was seen peeking at Franky in the previous episode is revealed to be her father, who tells Doyle that she has a three-year-old step-sister. Mr. Doyle will later introduce the two of them in a park.

When Vera refuses to initiate conjugal visits for the women, Kaz stages a protest in the yard, and Maxine believes that Kaz is out to usurp Bea as top dog.