Vera reaches out to Bridget and tells her that she believes Ferguson manipulated Jodie to self-harm and that she arranged the attack on Bea.

With her parole hearing imminent, Franky is in trouble when her former lover Kim gets revenge by planting heroin balloons in her cell. Faced with an imminent cell-toss, Franky has no option but to swallow the evidence, thus facing the parole board with a gutful of heroin. Just when it seems she could be paroled, Ferguson unleashes the taped confession, letting Will know who really killed his wife. Jackson and Doyle will meet while she is going to her cell in order to expel the heroin balloons; after a fight, Mr. Jackson in the end decides not to kill Franky, despite her acceptance and justification of it. After defecating the drugs, Bea and Jess will set up a trap for blaming Kim of the drug possession, in revenge for what she had tried to do.

Meanwhile, Bea and Fletch team up against Ferguson.

Doreen considers whether to keep her son in prison with her or give him to her sister, while Jess takes a special interest in young Joshua's welfare.