Franky is determined to find out who reported her drug trafficking scheme to Ferguson. Only after she threatens both Jess and Bea with death, does Liz finally reveal that it was she who informed on her. Franky decides not to harm Liz, but promises her that if she returns to Wentworth she will personally kill her. Now fearing for her safety, Liz requests to be placed in protection/solitary until her pending release.

Meanwhile, a hardened/nastier and more tyrannical Vera returns, following her compassionate leave, and her change is quickly noted by officers' and inmates alike.

Searching the remains of the bulldozed garden, Vera finds Doreen's pregnancy test and determined to get to the bottom of it orders urine samples from all the inmates. Jess helps Doreen hide the truth by smuggling her a sample of her own urine.

Jess starts to flirt with Fletch, which Vera still hung up on him, immediately notices.

Bea starts to stock up on Marge's blood-clotting medication.

Liz is talking with her probation officer in preparation of her release and is told that she needs to contact family, something that due to guilt and fearing rejection she is reluctant to do.

Ferguson offers Bea a form of alliance. Initially reluctant, Bea eventually agrees to help bring Franky down.

Will starts to date Rose.