Bea learns that Simmo's daughter is working for Brayden. She decides to make Simmo paranoid about her daughter's safety in an effort to spur her on, then gets Linda to lie to Simmo claiming she saw them together.

Franky tries to recruit Maxine into her gang after seeing how strong she was but she refuses.

Boomer is starting to feel useless and accidentally locks herself in a laundry shoot, causing a prison lock down when they think she has escaped.

Fletch comes home and finds that his diary is missing; he assumes that Will stole it. Later, Will comes home and finds that his house was broken into; he assumes that Fletch broke in procuring his diary to find details of his affair (with Will's wife). Will attempts to resign out of fears that he will attack Fletch but Ferguson refuses to accept his resignation. During the prison lockdown, Will violently attacks Fletch in the boiler room after Fletch reveals that Meg was pregnant with his child and that's also why she aborted it.